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#1 Social Media Marketing Agency in Los Angeles has downs is EG entertainment. The company has grown to a media empire over the last 5 years. Owning A legal Network, A community News portal and recently partnering up with an American Latino Channel. Dont forget their main component, EchoPUll, A label and studio combined. Owner of  EG entertainment Erik Daniel Garcia now enters into a partnership with Eddie Axley. The two entrepreneurs bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and valuable relations with industry power players.

EchoPull is the recent brainchild of Erik Daniel Garcia of EG entertainment and has been in the making for quite some time. Over the past 5 years online media has grown dramatically. Answering the call has been EG entertainment.

If your looking for one of the best Los Angeles Social Media Agencies, than go with EG entertainment. 

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Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Rob A. Rodriguez on Auto Accidents/Car Accidents

This week on LegalEase TV Stephen A. King sits down with Personal Injury specialist Rob A. Rodriguez from the Inland Empire.
Los Angeles Lawyers, Los Angeles Legal Information. The Law Office of Rob A. Rodriguez is a large and well-established law firm that represents clients in significant personal injury and wrongful death cases. Rob has litigated or supervised the prosecution of thousands of cases in a wide variety of personal injury matters throughout the state of California. He leads a team of preeminent lawyers that has won numerous top results for the firm’s clients, including hundreds of case settlements and verdicts in the $100,000.00 to multi-million dollar range. The firm is recognized in the community of lawyers, judges and insurance carriers for its superior skills and professionalism.

For over 20 years, the Law Office of Rob A. Rodriguez has become a leading force in the field of personal injury for California. We maintaina 98.7% success rate and built up a team of several lawyers, often times which work on a single case together to bring about the best results.
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Getting hurt on the job, depending on the type of injury sustained, can affect your earning potential and future prospects for the rest of your life. This is a serious problem that many Americans face every year, and should be taken seriously. Being injured at work is often a sign of negligence on the part of the employer, who could be guilty of harboring unsafe working conditions for his or her employees. There are many possible factors at play, and each should be considered carefully. If you have sustained a serious injury and can no longer work, a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can help you gather the restitution you’ll need to support yourself. Settlements from law suits can number in the millions, especially if your injury is permanent and debilitating. An expert Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can aid you in navigating this process. personal injury lawyer, california personal injury lawyers, personal injury lawyer attorney, personal injury lawyers in, find personal injury lawyer, personal injuries lawyer, los angeles personal injury lawyer, personal injury lawyers, top personal injury lawyer, orange county personal injury lawyer, best personal injury lawyer, california personal injury lawyer, personal injury attorney, best personal injury lawyers, personal injury lawyer los angeles, personal injury lawyers los angeles, personal injury lawyer in, los angeles personal injury lawyers, personal injury lawyer california, hiring a personal injury lawyer, find a personal injury lawyer, california personal injury attorney, personal injury law, city personal injury lawyers, auto injury lawyer, ca personal injury lawyers, personal injury lawyer orange county


Courtroom Presentations | Courtroom Technology | Litigation Software | Trial Presentations |

LegalEaseTV brings you the latest in cutting edge courtroom technology. From Power Point presentations, 3D Animations, Illustrations and Timelines and Chronologies. You can also contact us to find out how your Law Firm can take the lead in your geographic area and practice.


Erik Daniel Garcia
Legal Marketing SocialConsultant

Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Attorney | Allison Margolin on “What You Need to KNOW” | LegalEase TV

Medical Marijuana has been going through various changes at the state level. People that consume Medical Marijuana for medicinal purposes are still treading a thin line of breaking the law. Sure it’s legal to carry a doctor’s recommendation saying so, but if the FED’s came knocking on your down for growing a couple of plants or possessing a pound of weed, your chances of meeting Big Smiley in the penitentiary highly increase. That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced legal practitioner who can help you navigate the complicated terrains of the Medical Marijuana legal system.

Today, Allison Margolin of Columbia University and Harvard Law School is here to clear up any misunderstandings that people are having. From the difference between Federal and State Law to common definitions and terms to what Obama is doing about legalizing Medical Marijuana.

Allison Margolin get’s down to the bottom of the current climate of Medical Marijuana, Medical Dispensaries, Medical Recommendations by doctors and Medical Marijuana patients.

Check out this video to find out everything you need to know about Los Angeles Top Criminal Defense Attorney special select matters Medical Marijuana Allison Margolin.

You can find more legal information on LegalEase TV. 

LegalEase TV is an online platform is the geared towards providing the most update legal information to the public in an informative, entertaining and narrative way. Our Top Los Angeles Attorneys are the best in their field and provide quick responses to any legal matters people have.

KingsJustice is an Online Legal Talk Show that Focuses on the Civil Rights issues trending in the media and social hemisphere. From Occupy Wall street, Future Police Car, to Police Brutality and now Medical Marijuana, Stephen A. King brings it to you in smooth  and cutting edge way.

The next time you have any questions about Criminal Law or Medical Marijuana, make sure to give Allison Margolin a call or go to her wesites at   : www.goaskallison.com, www.lasdopestattorney.com .

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LegalEase TV | Los Angeles Legal Help | EG entertainment Social Media Agency

Allison Margolin | Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney on LegalEAse TV

Alan R. Diamante | Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer (Board Certified) 

J. Christopher Smith | Los Angeles Criminal Defense Law Select Entertainment Matters

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Los Angeles / Ontario Personal Injury Lawyer | Rob A. Rodriguez | “We Don’t Settle”

Los Angels Social Media Agency EG entertainment recently produced a Video for Top Los Angeles and Ontario Personal Injury Attorney, Rob A. Rodriguez. I can tell you this much. If you need an experienced and aggressive Personal Injury legal representation call The Law Office of Rob A. Rodriguez. Their highly expreinced professionals have the ability and understanding to help you get the outcome you’re looking for when you go to court.  When you find yourself injured by a third party or at your place of employment, or if you have family legal issues, you want an attorney  you can depend on and trust. You want someone who will help you understand the legal process and who will pursue your rights each step of the way. The Law Office Of Rob A. Rodriguez will do everything in their power to help you achieve the settlement or results you deserve.

legal marketing | Los Angeles | Social Media Specialist Erik Daniel Garcia

Legal Marketing Specialist Erik Daniel Garcia is a Social Medis Consultant and Content Producer for LegalEase TV. Based out of West Hollywood and Los Angeles, Erik Daniel Garcia owns and operates one of the fastest growing Social Media Agency that focuses on building Brands through Online Video. 

Los Angeles Social Media Agency | #1 Social Agency | EG entertainment

EG entertainment has been a long standing social media agency based out of Hollywood and Los Angeles. Working with some of today’s world class BRands, EG entertainment has made it’s mark in creating unique branded content for online purposes. Over the years, social media has taken many directions, constantly reinventing itself and constantly changing the landscape for Marketing Gurus across the globe. But one thing remains the same at EG entertainment, we are committed to the highest quality customer service and our ability to adapt to the changing environment.

Law firm social media | Law Firm Marketing | EG entertainment

Los Angeles and Hollywood Law Firm Marketing Company EG entertainment launches

new legal channel.

Jerry Sandusky | Conrad Murray on Hot Topics | EG entertainment

Legal Social Media Consultant, Erik Daniel Garcia sits down with Top Los Angeles Attorneys J. Christopher Smith and Austin Dove to break down the Jerry Sandusky Case and Michael Jackson Conrad Murray case. A professional perspective on real life issues facing real life people.
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