Erik Daniel Garcia was born in Glendale, California and grew up in Northeast Los Angeles. He was born on January 29, which makes him an Aquarius. His mom and dad are both Aquarius, and in the world of Astrology that makes Erik Daniel Garcia a full blooded water barrier (Aquarius).


Erik Got his name EG back in college at the University of Arizona while attending there on a Football Scholarship as a Quarterback. After graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration, Erik moved back to California where he immediately jumped head first in the entertainment industry. He landed several P.A. jobs and Location Manager gigs for CBS and Paramount.


While working his way in and out of the industry, he ran across than CEO of SiTV, Jeff Valdez. With the help of Jeff, Erik landed his first Producing role for SiTV. Shortly after Erik moved on to LATV where he became one of the most creative Predators (Producers,Editors) for LATV Network. Working with high profile celebrities such as; Kat Von D, QB Mark Sanchez, B Real, Mr. Cartoon and Will.i.am, Erik was able to demonstrate his knack for talent and trends by landing today’s hottest athletes and celebrities.


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